Mischa Zverev is sure that these weeks and months will be useful in the end full of criticism.

Mischa Zverev is sure that these weeks and months will be useful in the end full of criticism.

Schwartzman is now in the semifinals of a Grand Slam tournament for the first time. In the fight for a place in the final, he will meet Alexander Zverev conqueror Jannik Sinner from Italy or the twelve-time Roland Garros winner Rafael Nadal from Spain in Paris. In the ninth comparison with Thiem it was the third victory for Schwartzman. At the US Open in New York, Thiem last won the final against Zverev in five hard-fought sets.

At the French Open he missed the fifth successive semi-finals. Source: ntv.de, ino / dpa “United Internet has been involved in Drillisch for more than a year. Now the Internet and telecommunications group wants to increase its stake in the TecDax company. Together, both groups want to attack the three major mobile communications providers. The Internet and telecommunications group United Internet wants to swallow the smaller mobile communications provider Drillisch and thus stand up to the three large German telephone companies. To do this, it brings the mobile and fixed network subsidiary 11 Telecommunication for 5.85 billion Euro at Drillisch and in return takes over the majority of the company from Maintal near Frankfurt in two steps.

Both companies announced that this should result in “a fourth strong force in the German telecommunications market” alongside Telekom, Vodafone and Telefonica. Brands such as smartmobil.de, yourfone and simply.United Internet belong to Drillisch more than a year ago with 20.1 percent of Drillisch. Now the stake is to increase to 72.7 percent through two capital increases.

Money does not flow. Drillisch shareholders will receive a takeover offer of 50 euros per share, which is only three percent above the closing price on Thursday. But Drillisch should remain listed on the stock exchange.

In Frankfurt early trading, Drillisch shares rose by around six percent to 51.50 euros, United Internet shares rose by three percent. United Internet founder Ralph Dommermuth, the previous Drillisch boss Vlasios Choulidis, will manage the future subsidiary himself changes to the supervisory board. “With the merger of 11 Telecommunication and Drillisch, we are forming a high-performance full-range telecommunications provider under the umbrella of United Internet,” explained Dommermuth. According to their own information, both together have more than twelve million customer contracts and generate sales of more than 3.2 billion euros. 11 has 8.7 million telephone and mobile phone customers under contract, Drillisch contributes 3.62 million mobile phone customers. The major customer business of 11 is left out. United Internet wants to bring its 11 division into Drillisch and thus acquire the majority in the TecDax company. (Photo: picture alliance / Thomas Frey / d) Drillisch is for United Internet primarily because of it long-term access to the Telefonica mobile network in Germany.application biology essay writing service

This is one of the reasons why United Internet expects synergy effects of 150 million euros by 2020. Five years later, these should even increase to 250 million euros. The integration should initially cost around 50 million euros. Drillisch boss Choulidis said: “We are leading our company into a completely new dimension.” Drillisch will thus increase its sales by around fivefold. Technically, handling the merger is complex. In the first step, United Internet is increasing its Drillisch stake to a good 30 percent.

For most of the transaction, Drillisch needs the approval of 75 percent of the shareholders. At a general meeting on July 25th, they are to resolve to triple the capital. The new shares go to United Internet, which in return brings its telecommunications subsidiary in completely to Drillisch. Source: ntv.de, cri / rts “Nadal was able to celebrate his victory long after midnight. (Photo: AP) In contrast to the US Open -Champion Dominic Thiem, Rafael Nadal survived the acid test in the quarter-finals of the French Open.

Against the conqueror of Alexander Zverev, the twelve-time tournament winner continues to increase his sensational victory rate in Paris. With the 98th victory in his 100th French Open match, Rafael Nadal reached the semi-finals of Roland Garros. The 34-year-old tennis professional from Spain won the quarter-final duel with 19-year-old Italian Jannik Sinner 7: 6 (7: 4), 6: 4, 6: 1 on Wednesday morning.

Sinner had won against Alexander Zverev from Hamburg in the round of 16. The twelve-time French Open champion Nadal will meet Diego Schwartzman on Friday in the fight for a place in the final. The 28-year-old Argentinean beat the US Open winner Dominic Thiem from Austria in five sets and is in the semifinals of a Grand Slam tournament for the first time. After a high-class and spectacular match, the world number 14 turned. his first match ball against number three in the world after exactly 5:08 hours. Against Schwartzman, Nadal surprisingly lost in the quarter-finals at the Masters Series tournament in Rome. “It was a real roller coaster ride.

Of course I feel bad and empty now, but I have little to blame, “said Thiem, who warmly and fairly congratulated his only 1.70-meter-tall opponent on the net and exchanged a few words with him.” I’m happy for him. Losing to a friend hurts a little less, “said Thiem. Because the game lasted so long and a women’s match was scheduled afterwards, the eagerly awaited encounter between Nadal and Sinner didn’t start until shortly after 10.30 pm Iga Swiatek won against Martina Trevisan from Italy 6: 3, 6: 1.

She is now playing against the Argentinean Nadia Podoroska, who beat the third-placed Ukrainian Jelina Switolina. For Podoroska and Swiatek it is the first Grand Slam semi-final. As of this year, the largest stadium of the French Open, the Court Philippe Chatrier, has a roof and floodlights, so that it can still be played in the rain and in the dark.

Two days after his victory against the ailing Zverev, Sinner initially turned out to be an opponent at eye level for the defending champion. To 6: 5 he managed a break in the first set, but Nadal immediately countered with a re-break. The left-hander from Mallorca decided the tiebreak for himself, Sinner had to be treated after round one and took a medical break. Nadal got stronger and stronger and used his first match ball to win at 1:26 a.m.

The second in the world rankings, who last renounced a trip to the US Open as the defending champion, is now approaching his 20th Grand Slam title. With that he would catch up with the Swiss Roger Federer. The other semi-finalists will be determined on Wednesday. The Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas and Andrej Rubljow from Russia as well as the world number one Novak Djokovic from Serbia and the Spaniard Pablo Carreño Busta will then meet.

Source: ntv.de, ino / dpa “” Germany’s best tennis player Alexander Zverev is just a few points before the greatest triumph of his career at the US Open. In the end, however, the 23-year-old is left empty-handed. And yet he can take so much with him from New York that will help him – in the end, after the huge disappointment, after all the tears and the knowledge that he has a very, very big opportunity, the greatest of his career so far, between his fingers Has melted away, Alexander Zverev is a big winner after the dramatic, bitter defeat. With 2-0 sets and a break lead, the Hamburg-based man had led against Dominic Thiem from Austria in the first Grand Slam final of his career. Many, many chances later, Thiem, shaken by muscular problems, visibly drawn at the end of his strength and in the crucial minutes of the match, was allowed to cheer over the triumph at the US Open.

Thiem, 27-year-old third in the world rankings, won his first big title himself. A worthy winner after five sets. But Zverev is allowed to take more from the crazy weeks in New York. “As focused as in the first two sentences, I haven’t seen Sascha for a while. He can do it, I’ve always believed in him and still do. He has these qualities in himself and which he can also bring out in difficult situations in big matches, “enthuses Zverev’s older brother Mischa in an interview with ntv on the morning after the marathon finale.

In the end, Zverev the younger had lost against Thiem 6: 2, 6: 4, 4: 6, 3: 6, 6: 7 (6: 8). “The biggest leap forward for me was Sascha’s strength of character, his emotionally controlled behavior on the pitch. He didn’t nag a lot at this US Open, he didn’t break a racket. These are signs, hopefully for himself too,” wonders Mischa . “He can see that if he stays calm and focused and looks for solutions, he can achieve a lot. Even if, as he says, he doesn’t play the US Open that well, he can still make it to the final and almost win.” A guarantee for a bunch of kindling from Zverev’s club brand “Head” would have been the semifinals against Pablo Carreno Busta earlier.

With 0: 2 sets, Zverev was behind the Spaniard, the Hamburger did not come into play at all. Or the quarter-finals against Borna Coric. He played solidly, at times disappeared from the court almost every minute to change clothes and the chair referee made things even worse with some unfortunate decisions. Zverev played badly and the field was prepared for outbursts of rage and total sporting breakdowns, as had been experienced above all at the Grand Slam level in previous years.

This time the Hamburger stayed focused, improved and, after the first 2-0 comeback of his career, was able to look forward to the first Grand Slam final. “I was calmer during the Australian Open in January. I just had to learn that Grand Slam matches can take a long time,” he said after the game. It was simply a mental problem in 2017 and 2018 when he completely disappointed at the Grand Slam tournaments. At the ATP Cup in January, he presented himself desolate, gave a bad picture. “Shut up, what the hell are you talking about.

I don’t have a serve anymore, and you tell me some shit, “he berated his own trainer / father Alexander Senior at the time. All three matches were lost. Mischa, who himself made it into the top 30 in the tennis world in 2017, says the mental metamorphosis of his brother during the past few weeks is impressive: “He was somehow more liberated and more positive at this tournament. Even when he won close matches in the first few rounds, he said: ‘Yes, I played badly.’ But he could say it with a smile on his face.

That was very important. In the past, “the 33-year-old recalls,” he was always disappointed after difficult matches, even if he had won, and said: ‘How can I only play five sets against him or her? How am I supposed to win against Novak (Djokovic, editor’s note) later? ‘ This time it was the other way around. (…) This is a complete turnaround and I hope that he can take it with him in the future. “Others have already observed this progress:” It’s unbelievable, “enthused tennis icon Boris Becker at Eurosport “What a mentality monster Sascha Zverev has become.” Before the start of the event, one could not have suspected that Alexander Zverev would have used the months leading up to the US Open particularly sensibly.

Too clumsy, too defiant, Zverev had stumbled through the tennis circus’ corona break. For his behavior as part of Novak Djokovic’s Adria tour, Zverev received horror, criticism and malice. A party video that appeared shortly after a confession of repentance made things worse. It was only late, shortly before the start of the tournament, that the tennis player found an attitude to the whole dilemma that human size promised – after he had broken off a press conference at the beginning of August after critical inquiries about the Adriatic Tour. “I made a huge mistake and of course I can understand people,” he said ruefully in an interview with the “New York Times”.

Zverev ended the US Open with a violation of the organizer’s strict hygiene requirements: After the four-hour roller coaster ride, Zverev went to the other side of the network, congratulated his opponent fairly and hugged him. Mischa Zverev is sure that these weeks and months will be useful in the end full of criticism. Human and athletic. “Sascha is an emotional person.” He wanted to be praised. And when he doesn’t do something so well, “he doesn’t really like to hear criticism.” In the summer there was a lot of criticism from all sides. “But maybe that also made him stronger. Then you have time to sit down and think about how I can make better decisions as a tennis player and as a person?” In the days of New York, Zverev had presented himself as at least a prospective champion – on, but also off the pitch. Around the third round match against the French Adrian Mannarino, Zverev passed the next test: “We were informed that there was only a very small chance that we would play,” reported Zverev shortly after his four-set victory.

The background: According to the organizers, Mannarino should not have started as the contact person for Benoit Paire, who was excluded from the tournament due to a positive corona test – although he had already played the first two rounds. “And why should he suddenly not be allowed to play anymore?”, It was not only Zverev who wondered. The beginning of the game was rescheduled twice and discarded twice – each time with Zverev’s consent. “It wasn’t his fault, it wasn’t the US Open’s fault,” said Zverev. “But I wanted to support him.” The situation “wasn’t easy for us, but we are professionals and we have to deal with it.” Zverev got along with it, won clearly in the end – unimpressed by the trappings, unimpressed by a set deficit. “I trained for six months, folks. In my opinion, I still play better in training than in the match,” said Zverev after the Mannarino encounter. “As fit as never before,” he said.

In the end, fitness wasn’t the problem against Thiem either. “You noticed that the nerves played a big role,” said Zverev at the press conference. “Regardless of their rivalry and the incredible fight, they showed a big heart and thus inspired many tennis players,” wrote an impressed world number one Djokovic on Instagram to Thiem and Zverev. “Thank you both Domi and Sascha for strongly advocating your values ​​and always keeping an eye on what is most important – love and respect for one another,” wrote Djokovic. “Congratulations to both of you on the great performance and game that you have given the tennis world.” Djokovic himself was disqualified in the round of 16 after he accidentally shot a line judge in the neck – and so cleared the way for the next generation around Thiem and Zverev.