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Dream Daddy – Ways To Get Craig’s Ending

While getting together with Craig during the gymnasium is not the official date, it really is good to begin making points with him early. Once you wind up during the gymnasium, you’ll select whichever responses you love until such time you arrive at the garden barbeque. Here, you’ll would you like to find the choice to keep in touch with Mat, Hugo, and Craig. From then on, choose the prompt to keep in touch with Craig instead than Mat and Hugo.

The a reaction to Craig’s concern regarding your household does not appear to make a difference, though he responds well to, “The brand brand brand new home is ideal!” With that from the way, go to head directly for the burger time choice. From then on, the options don’t matter until you can the Dadbook part.

Your Dadbook responses will not make a difference in terms of having the Craig closing in Dream Daddy.

Once more, we haven’t determined whether or otherwise not your Dadbook responses count towards each dad to your interactions. Nonetheless, listed here are the“Craig” answers that are best we can find in Dadbook. Take a moment to pick whichever you want if you don’t just like the alternatives below.

  • Get to sleep watching the annals Channel (Craig secretly likes the Channel that is history).
  • We don’t need anything. My success abilities have actually trained me personally with this time.
  • Athletic shoes with long white socks.
  • Professional skater that is additionally an astronaut.
  • Any such thing on LaserDisc.
  • Consuming a healthier supper at 4pm.
  • We usually forget my phone, tips, and wallet in the home, often.
  • Just just just just How proud i will be of my kid.

With that from the means, you’ll would you like to choose the choice to content Craig from the selection of available dads. Their date features a softball match, the discussion choice towards Amanda does appear to count n’t to your date rating, nor does the choice during the pizza destination.

Also, you’ll would you like to ask him about their young ones, softball, and company. Your order does not matter, be sure you just ask him about all three. After that, you’ll wish to choose the after discussion choices:

  • The person that is right show up ultimately.
  • We mean…

With the options in the list above, you really need to obtain an S ranking on your own very first date with Craig in Dream Daddy.

After that, you’ll have effectively finished very first date with Craig and certainly will have scored an extraordinary s ranking! After that, you’ll wish to make your means through the overall game, then content Craig for the second date. Once you get to the park, you’ll desire to find the after discussion choices:

  • Yeah!
  • Find the shortest “Ugh” options.
  • (make sure to save your self the overall game before trying to find River’s capybara).
  • Go directly to the play ground.
  • Interrogate Joseph.
  • That appears a suspect that is little Joseph.
  • No (yes).
  • Make an effort to relax River down.
  • Relocate to another right area of the park.
  • Go directly to the industry.
  • Interrogate River.
  • Good cop.
  • Go directly to the forests.
  • Interrogate Robert.
  • Bad cop.
  • Get much much much deeper in to the forests.
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  • Yes.
  • Grimy brunch.
  • Gotta treat your self.

After that, you’ll have effectively finished the second date with Craig and can have scored A s that is impressive ranking!

With the options in the above list, you need to get an S ranking on your own 2nd date with Craig in Dream Daddy.

Next, you’ll wish to make your method through the overall game, then content Craig for the 3rd and date that is final. Whenever you hook up with Craig once once once again, you’ll want to pick the following discussion options:

  • This kind of gentleman.
  • There won’t be.
  • Check Craig’s butt.
  • Let’s placed on a show.
  • I’ll race one to the most truly effective.
  • It is known by you!
  • (At this stage you are able to unlock the key Cannonball accomplishment, or skip ahead).
  • Get overboard with compliments.
  • Hell yeah, bro.

Utilising the options mentioned above, you need to unlock Craig’s closing and artwork that is special Dream Daddy.

With those choices locked straight straight down, your date that is third will to a finish with just one more S ranking. Congratulations, you’ve now finished all three times with Craig, and have now unlocked both their closing along with a photograph that is special the credits finish rolling.

That which was the moment that is funniest you had while dating Craig? Post your screenshots down in the feedback below!

By examining this guide, you really need to now understand how to unlock Craig’s closing in Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.

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